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Six-year-old Connie shines on Kumon’s maths programme

4 May, 2017

“Kumon has given Connie a huge boost; she has a positive mind-set and approach to learning.”

Six-year-old Connie Lai is a student at the Kumon Waterlooville Study Centre, and has been since May 2015.

Connie’s mum, Lia, enrolled her onto the maths programme because she wanted to provide her with some extra support and encouragement to further develop her mathematical skills.

Two years on, and now in Year 1, Connie has developed skills, stamina and independence beyond her age, and is mastering work beyond her school grade and classmates.

Currently working her way through level B of the Kumon Maths Programme, Connie is progressing extremely well. Most notably she has developed the focus, study skills and mental calculation ability to work sums out in her head.

She is learning to master the key operations of addition and subtraction, and is successfully doing so without the use of carries and borrows, meaning all of her calculations are carried out mentally. The repetitive nature of the Kumon worksheets enables Connie to strengthen these mental arithmetic skills, all the while improving in speed and accuracy.

Connie said: “I have improved a lot since starting Kumon, and find maths quite easy at school because I have already covered much of the work at Kumon.

“I enjoy being able to calculate faster in my head.”

By the time she works her way up to levels C and D which cover multiplication and division, Connie will easily be able to tackle these sums in her head using the knowledge and skills gained from the previous levels. It also means she won’t have to rely on a calculator.

Lia described: “Kumon has given Connie a huge boost; she has a positive mind-set and approach to learning and is more confident in maths. She is proud of what she has achieved and learnt so far.

“Her Kumon study will help her as she moves through her education for she will be able to work independently and try to figure answers out for herself first before asking for help.”

Connie’s Kumon Instructor, Maria Woodford is extremely proud of her progress. She said: “Connie is absolutely amazing and does her maths very quickly. She completes her work independently and is swift to spot and correct her own mistakes. She is always calm, focused, and self-sufficient in class  –  a real model for younger learners.”

Well done Connie, keep up the excellent work!