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My name is Mervin. I am in Year 7 and a student at the Ipswich Central Study Centre. I started the Kumon Maths Programme while I was in Year 4, to supplement what I was learning at school. Soon I started to realise the benefits of the programme.

One of the benefits of Kumon is the ability to improve mental maths. Once I started with Kumon, I started working out questions mentally without working it out on paper. The improvement in the time it took me to do a question helped me very much when I sat my 11+ entrance exams. Another thing is accuracy.

Initially I had thought what is the point of doing the same sort of questions again and again, page over page, but then I realised later that it is actually helping me as I don’t have to spend time thinking and understanding the question. I could work it out when I saw the question and I could recall the way to solve the problem.

Kumon has certainly helped me to manage my time. When I am doing my worksheets it is always in the back of my mind that it needs to be done in a time frame. This again helped me in my 11+ exams where time is important. I believe Kumon also helped me do well in my SATs and helped me get into my grammar school.

The satisfaction I get when solving the questions and getting them correct, and finally the ability to do it without any doubt or hesitation, is what keeps me motivated. Without my Instructor’s encouraging words and support, I would have never attained the achievements I have, including successfully studying basic algebra, whilst I was still in primary school.