14-year-old Sarafina speeds through the Kumon programmes to master GCSE work

24 January, 2017

Milton Keynes student excells

“Kumon has taught me many different methods that I can use to solve problems quicker and with greater accuracy.”

14-year-old Sarafina Otis has been studying at the Kumon Milton Keynes, Giffard Park Study Centre for the past 18 months, and in this relatively short space of time she has developed and achieved so much.

From a starting point constructing paragraphs on level EI of the English programme, Sarafina has amazingly worked her way through the final seven levels of the programme to reach completion, and is now confidently able to give advanced literary critiques of GCSE level texts from the likes of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

Currently studying advanced calculus on the final level of the maths programme, she is learning to master mathematical topics well beyond her school year.

Sarafina not only recognises how Kumon has helped nurture her academic ability and fluency in maths and English, but she also appreciates the boost it has given her in confidence and self-belief.

She said: “Though I had a good understanding of what was being asked of me, I was always hesitant to answer questions when putting pen to paper. I would take so long on some questions that in my haste to finish in time I would make silly mistakes.

“Because I struggled with timing the most, this is something I particularly focused on improving with the help of my Kumon Instructor, Anjana. We worked on my timing so I would spend an appropriate amount of time on each worksheet and still achieve 100%.

“Kumon has taught me many different methods that I can use to solve problems quicker and with greater accuracy. I enjoy learning these new skills and mastering new topics.

“Repeating exercises on the worksheets has also helped me become more confident and self-assured in my problem solving skills.

“Kumon has particularly helped me in maths, yet the skills I have learnt, like independent thinking, are also applicable to some of my other subjects for example chemistry and physics, which is great as I would like to study medicine when I am older so will need to excel in these subjects also.”

Sarafina’s parents, said: “Kumon has made a significant difference to Sarafina’s academic studies, which is the reason why we choose to enrol her onto the Kumon programmes in the first instance.

“She thinks with more clarity and is quicker at solving problems associated with her school work.

“We believe Kumon will help Sarafina in reaching her goals for it has taught her the value of hard work and perseverance.”

Sarafina has been an extremely committed student and we wish her well in completing the final level of the maths programme and in fulfilling her future goals.