Kumon Maths and English Assessment Events taking place across the UK this month!

2 April, 2014

Kumon Maths and English Assessment Events taking place across the UK and Ireland this month!

The Kumon programmes are the world’s most popular study programmes

The Kumon Method of Learning has been helping children realise their potential for almost 60 years. Over 4 million students are currently studying with Kumon across 48 countries and regions worldwide, which means every minute of every day a child is benefiting from Kumon study.

Throughout April, over 280 Kumon study centres across the UK and Ireland will be hosting Maths and English Assessment Events for children of all ages and abilities. By attending your local event, your child will get the opportunity to sit our maths and English assessments, find out what they are currently able to do, and what they can achieve through Kumon study.

The Kumon English Programme aims to develop students’ ability to read and nurtures a life-long habit of reading for both education and enjoyment. The programme encompasses basic word building right through to summarisation and critique. The Kumon Maths Programme takes students from the basics of counting, right through to calculus, all without the use of a calculator; this equates to university entrance-level maths. In both programmes, each student will begin at the level appropriate for them, as determined by the initial assessment.

The Kumon programmes are the world’s most popular study programmes and we set high expectations for our students. Our aim is for each and every student to advance above their school grade level. The Kumon International Standard will be the first milestone your child will be set to reach once they have enrolled in our programmes; this is an approximation of international school grade level and when your child reaches that level they will be covering topics in Kumon at a higher level than they will have covered at school. For the UK and Ireland our international standard levels are somewhat higher than curricula levels, so when your child reaches them, they will already be studying topics at a higher level than their school peers.

The Kumon programmes also develop skills which will benefit the individual for a lifetime. These skills include the ability to study independently, to self-correct, to prioritise ones time and concentrate for prolonged periods. The confidence and independence nurtured, as well as numeracy and literacy skills, instil a passion for learning in each child and leave them in good stead for future employment and education.

Across the globe, our maths and English programmes are advancing students beyond their school level. Attend your local assessment event to find out how Kumon can advance your child beyond your expectations, and ensure they are equipped to compete in our increasingly global community.

The full list of participating study centres in the UK is available on the Kumon UK website.