The benefits of studying the Kumon Maths and English Programmes together

It is often said that maths and English are the cornerstones to every other subject studied at school and beyond. Education secretary Michael Gove is reported as saying: "Good qualifications in English and maths are what employers demand before all others. They are quite simply the most important vocational skills a young person can have. Young people must be able to demonstrate their understanding of these subjects."

A strong grasp of maths and English is therefore vital to enable children to experience all-round academic success and will open up doors for them when they finish their formal education. Many Kumon students study both the maths and English programmes together and enjoy the benefits of this dual approach to their Kumon study.

Our founder, Toru Kumon, believed there are two main benefits to be gained from reading books; he believed reading helps children deepen their knowledge of society and acquire the ability to think carefully about how they should live their lives. He also believed reading develops children's knowledge of the world and therefore enriches the experience of learning other subjects such as geography and history.

Toru Kumon saw a direct correlation between his son Takeshi's maths skills and his competence as a reader; Takeshi's ability to understand the worksheets meant the process of learning was much easier.

Many believe that maths is key to unlocking the other sciences, whilst English is a constant factor when it comes to overall academic ability. Abilities gained in one subject will also help with understanding the other.

The Kumon English Programme can help students when reading and interpreting instructions, or analysing word problems, and strong comprehension skills support independent learning. The Kumon Maths Programme helps students to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to reason in a logical manner and the ability to recognise patterns and apply these to new situations.

We often find students who experience success in one subject are more motivated to work for that success in the other subject as well. Once students have established their daily routine and developed a foundation of strong study skills, concentration and stamina, and are able to read, understand and follow instructions, many students find it easier to incorporate another subject into that routine.

Commonly, as students move through the stages of their Kumon journey and begin to be able to learn independently and tackle higher-level work, they are able to see the way the worksheets will maximise their ability at each level and can recognise for themselves the benefits of working through the two subjects together.

At Kumon, our students develop academic ability, as well as the mind-set and skills for self-learning, which will benefit them in all other learning and beyond their school years too.

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