Study centres in Bath

There are many Kumon study centres in and around Bath. Through the daily study of maths and English your child can begin to realise their potential.

We believe children have unlimited potential and their learning should not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others. We develop children’s independent learning skills, rather than teaching them in the conventional sense.

We want to encourage a love of learning and develop a confidence and ability to tackle new challenges for themselves.

Kumon students learn to correct their own mistakes, increasing their confidence in solving problems as well as giving them a real sense of accomplishment.

Kumon is a long term study programme where children work at their own pace, enabling them to develop self-confidence and learning skills that will last a lifetime.

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Map Marker 1Bath South
Choose Centre Emily-Rose Marendaz
Map Marker 2Midsomer Norton
Choose Centre Jacqui Knowles
Map Marker 3Frome
Choose Centre Susan Gatward
Map Marker 4Hanham
Choose Centre Nikki Warr
Map Marker 5Chippenham
Choose Centre Sue Linacre
Map Marker 6St George
Choose Centre Mahnaz Hassani
Map Marker 7Fishponds
Choose Centre Tina Goodwin
Map Marker 8Yate
Choose Centre Kate Woodrow