Seeing the change in my own son made me become a Kumon Instructor

Oct 2014
"It's lovely to see the difference you can make to a child's learning, and it's beautiful to see a child develop over time."

Emma Wilkinson has been the Instructor at the Kumon Kingswinford Study Centre for eight months. Having been a Kumon parent, Emma was so impressed by how her son developed on the programmes that she snapped up the chance to become an Instructor herself.

Having previously enjoyed a varied career working in Nursing and Midwifery, teaching young mums maths and English for five years and also working as a qualified maths and English teacher in a further education college, Emma is thoroughly enjoying her new role as a Kumon Instructor.

Emma said: "I have been a Kumon parent since March 2013 and saw the powerful impact the Kumon Method had on my own son. I enrolled my son at a local Kumon Study Centre when he was five years old, to supplement his education and to ensure he continues to progress well.

If you could hear my son read you would see what Kumon has done for him! He has developed a love for reading, which enables him to understand a variety of texts and ultimately progress ahead of his school year. My son is already on ASHR2 on the English programme, which means he is studying two years above the Kumon International Standard [an international approximation of school grade level], and ASHR1 on the maths programme, which means he is studying one year ahead!"

When a centre local to me became available, a work colleague suggested I look into becoming an Instructor. I filled in an application form and the rest is history! My first eight months as an Instructor have been a rollercoaster and a big learning curve, as I had never run my own business before, but now I look back, and I've done it! It's been a hard but worthwhile journey and I am really grateful to the support of local Instructors who helped me immensely in the initial stages. It is great to look back at the progression from when I first started; parents give great feedback and lovely testimonials; one parent even told me "you have changed my child's life."

Being a Kumon parent myself, as well as an Instructor, I can empathise with other Kumon parents as I know what they're going through. I understand the challenges they face and the hard work that goes into supporting a child through the programmes. I have been through the same experiences as them. I tell parents that their child can go as far as they want to and can reach their full potential - this is what we all strive for our children and I can see it first-hand with my own child.

The last 20 years has enabled me to experience an enjoyable and varied vocational career, as well as studying for ten years at college and university, after leaving school with average GCSE grades. I had to work hard and overcome barriers along the way. Every stepping stone I have climbed has contributed to the determined person I am today. I feel I can relate to children at my centre on their Kumon journeys. I say to them: "I know where you need to get to and I know how hard the climb might be; you can do it!"

My favourite part of being an Instructor is seeing a child who may have lost their confidence, regain it and hold their head up high. It's lovely to see the difference you can make to a child's learning, and it's beautiful to see a child develop over time. I feel it's a privilege to witness this and to know you've had a helping hand in it! No other job can better that."