Alexander credits Kumon for his outstanding A-level results

Upon receiving their A-level results, many current and former Kumon students are getting ready to leave home and start university. For some however, the lure of the gap year represents a fantastic opportunity to broaden their horizons and reset their focus before starting at university on their return.

Alexander Sinclair-Texeira is currently planning a year off from his studies. A long-term student of the Kumon Earlsfield Study Centre, he believes the practice he had with Kumon made all the difference to his school studies. He says, “It really held me in good stead for when new topics came up at school. Kumon puts a big focus on developing self-learning skills and persevering with topics which might seem daunting to start with. Thanks to the practice I was doing at the Kumon centre, even if something new came up, I felt like I already knew how to do it.”

He further expresses, “when I was waiting for my results, I wasn’t really nervous as I knew that I had done my best. That said, I was really pleased with my grades and I feel it is the culmination of all the support I’ve been given along the way from my parents and my Instructor Jeremy at the centre. I gained an A* in maths and an A in Further Maths, physics and chemistry. I’m going to use my travels to really think about what I want to do at university, but whatever it is I’m sure it is going to require maths!”

Kumon encourages all students to become confident and independent learners. This is why Alexander’s Instructor, Jeremy believes Kumon can benefit children of all abilities. Jeremy says, “Alexander was an amazing student. As he progressed you could see him developing into a careful, methodical and conscientious young adult.  It was so satisfying to see his passion for learning grow and so his superb A-level results therefore came as no surprise to us!”

Alexander’s remarkable achievement is a great example of the valuable study skills that are developed at Kumon. We wish Alexander every success with his travels and future studies.


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