Eight-year-old Maximilian demonstrates the benefits of starting Kumon at a young age

Oct 2016
Kumon Reading student Maximilian
"Kumon has given me the skills to be a confident English speaker and writer - English is not my first language."

Maximilian started the English programme at the Kumon Reading Earley Study Centre when he was just three-years-and-nine-months old, and last month, aged eight, he completed the programme, having mastered work many years beyond his school age level!

His experience demonstrates the benefits to be had from starting Kumon at a young age, as well as the benefits of long-term commitment to the programme - not every eight year old can analyse and construct an advanced critique of the works of Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen.

We spoke with Maximilian to find out what he enjoyed most about studying on the Kumon English Programme, and with his mum, Yelena, who revealed how Kumon has helped her son thrive in both his academic and personal life.

Maximilian said: "The most enjoyable moments were studying the different book extracts on the higher levels of the programme. My mum would then buy these books for me so I could read and enjoy the entire story. Now we have quite a big library at home which we call 'Inspired by Kumon.'

"I loved completing the achievement test at the end of each level, these ensured I had fully grasped the concept of that topic block and confirmed that I was ready to move on. When passing these tests I felt proud, as if I'd overcome a hurdle and was ready to take the next step.

"Kumon has given me confidence and all the essential skills to be a confident English speaker and writer English is not my first language. The concentration and time management skills I've developed are probably the best additional outcomes from Kumon which benefit all my other subjects at school.

"When I was two years old I decided I wanted to be a doctor, and was six when I first volunteered at our local care home. It required a lot of patience and persistence but Kumon had already taught me how to concentrate, how to be a good listener and how to make sure that I complete all I set my mind to.

"I am very proud of my achievement completing the English programme - I promised my mum I would complete it before I was eight and I finished my last worksheet when I was eight-and-one-day!"

Maximilian's parents were told about Kumon by a friend, and after doing some research of their own, and liking what they learnt, they enrolled him at their local study centre.

Yelena, Maximilian's mum, said: "Kumon helped Maximilian to become an independent learner, who is confident and knowledgeable in English. Yukiko, his Instructor, provided a great support, setting Maximilian work to suit his ability and even to our family circumstances. She is an asset to Kumon.

"There is no doubt Kumon has benefited Maximilian in his academic and personal life; he is a very focused child, able to absorb and digest information in all subjects, and he speaks three languages and plays the piano, activities which require concentration, a sharp memory and much determination.

"Kumon has provided Maximilian with all the skills to be successful in his future studies."

Well done Maximilian for completing the Kumon English Programme. We hope you achieve your dream of becoming a doctor - with your determined, can-do attitude we're sure you will!