Former student reflects on the ten years she spent studying with Kumon

Feb 2018
"The programme helped nurture a diligent work ethic and gave me the tools to master the art of perseverance."

We love it when former students get in touch and tell us how the time they spent studying on the Kumon programmes as a child helped them become the confident, capable individual they are today.

Let us introduce you to 25-year-old Amedea from south west London. Amedea studied at the Southfields study centre in Wandsworth from 1997 to 2007, and recently got in touch to share her story with us:

"I started Kumon at the age of five, pretty much at the same time as I started primary school. I enjoyed maths and my parents wanted to make sure I was continuously being stretched. I left approximately a decade later and during that time remained on the maths programme, collecting numerous colourful folders in the interim! Kumon gave me far more than improved arithmetic skills so, whilst my story may not be exceptional, I would like to share how the programme helped nurture a diligent work ethic.

"For me, the greatest benefit of the Kumon programme is that it requires you to do a small amount of work every day; in other words, a little but often. As a result, you can't back out because you're having an 'off' day or you just don't feel up to it. At the same time, it doesn't impose a significant time constraint. As someone who usually prefers to front-end things, it definitely took me awhile to adjust to the concept of having to complete a maths paper on a daily basis. I still recall how initially I would try to race through as many papers as possible on one day so that I would then be 'free' for the remaining six days. This was particularly the case when it came to going on holiday when I would attempt to complete all my papers even before setting foot on the plane! Of course, I soon realised that I was missing the point and that only by working through the exercises on a daily basis was the knowledge going to be thoroughly ingrained.

"Ultimately, my time with Kumon gave me the tools to master the art of perseverance. This is something I took with me throughout my school and university years, and which I now follow in all aspects of my life, both working and sporting. Whether it be sat hours at my desk as a trainee solicitor or training for another half-marathon (yet to take on the elusive 26.2-miler!), I've learnt that with a bit of commitment most things are achievable. Thank you, Kumon."

We greatly appreciate Amedea sharing her experience with us, and know her words will certainly inspire today's generation of students.