Four-year-old Damilola's confidence soars as she conquers maths and English

Four-year-old Damilola enrolled into the Kumon Maths and English Programmes at the Palmers Green Study Centre in 2014. Her parents were familiar with the Kumon Method of Learning and were looking for a new challenge for their daughter:

"We observed our daughter enjoyed learning and she seemed too advanced for her years. Then we made the decision to explore how the programmes could nurture her development.

"We chose Kumon due to the individualised advanced study that allows her to fulfil her full potential. We also believe the structure and setting with young and older students encourages her to learn."

After learning with Kumon for just under two years, Damilola has soared passed her school level and is currently studying at a level one-and-a-half years ahead in maths and two years ahead in English. The programmes have helped her significantly, not only in her academic ability but also with her development as an individual. Her parents have noticed differences in Damilola's capabilities and confidence:

"Kumon has helped her confidence significantly in English and maths. The routine has also instilled good discipline.

Her calculation in maths is fast, she reads fluently and her writing continues to improve. Most importantly she enjoys the learning experience along with the challenge which has improved her confidence level."

Damilola is also feeling the benefits (even if she's not always in the mood):

"Kumon makes it easy for me to learn. It's fantastic. I enjoy writing sentences in English and I like adding in maths. Kumon helped me to do additions at school. Kumon helps me to play nicely.

"Sometimes when I do my work I feel a little bit sleepy and can't think.

"I get to work with someone different every day. It's quiet and I can hear my teachers a lot better."

The future is looking bright for Damilola and her parents believe that her time at Kumon will help her reach her full potential: "We believe it will help her enormously by building a solid foundation that will allow her to be a step ahead coupled with skills to benefit her in later life."

How does Damilola think Kumon will help her as she grows up?

"I want to be a ballet dancer and a school teacher. I also want to be a pilot so that I can fly to Disney. Kumon will help me because I am working very hard and learning."

It's great to hear how a family is feeling such positive effects of studying with Kumon. Keep up the excellent work Damilola (and take us to Disney with you when you fly there!).

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