Freya's math's confidence prepares her for the 11+ exams

Aug 2018
Freya is working on negative numbers, algebra, learning how to simplify and solve linear equations, which will further improve her problem-solving skills.

When Vikki enrolled her daughter Freya onto the Kumon Maths Programme in 2014, she already had the benefit of knowing the positive effect that Kumon had on her son few years earlier. He had developed great study skills and it gave him a head start at school. Vikki wanted the same for her daughter.

Freya had become familiar with her older brother’s daily study routine when he was studying the Kumon programmes and she was excited to follow in his footsteps.

Vikki was delighted to experience her daughter benefit from Kumon the same way her son did. From learning column addition and subtraction, to improving her understanding of solving maths problems have given Freya a great foundation to flourish at school.

Freya has a solid understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. She has even mastered long division and fractions! Now she is working on negative numbers, algebra and learning how to simplify and solve linear equations, which will further improve her problem-solving skills.

Freya has become very detailed in answering questions as well as solving maths problems quickly and confidently. Vikki said, “my daughter is good at her times tables, she has taken an organised and determined approach to maths and her other school subjects since joining Kumon. She has also increased her maths skills and knowledge which enables her to tackle new challenges in her school work."

Now that Freya is 10 years old, Vikki has started to think about preparation for the 11+ exams as Freya has already developed a great attitude to studying; Freya’s confidence will leave her fully equipped to take on the 11+ exams when the time comes.

Instructor Karen has been running the Weybridge study centre in Surrey for over seven years and has nurtured her students to reach their full potential and develop a passion for learning. Karen said, “since joining Kumon, Freya has progressed to be a confident, independent learner. I am very proud of her achievement as I know it has not always been easy for Freya. What I admire most about Freya is her diligence and lovely smile no matter her challenges. She has a positive attitude to work and is resilient."

Vikki shared with us her thoughts about the maths programme - “I think the Kumon Maths Programme offers students a great foundation in the maths principles and develops their ability to continue learning and succeed in the future. Thanks to Kumon, my child is now more independent in her learning."

We are all proud of Freya’s progress throughout the Kumon Maths Programme! Keep up the excellent work!