Impressive primary school student working several years above school grade

Jun 2018
Completing his Kumon worksheets everyday has instilled in Rohit an excellent study habit.

Seven years ago, Rohit followed in his elder sister’s footsteps by beginning study on Kumon’s maths programme. Now aged 11, Rohit is extremely well placed to succeed in his future studies at secondary school and beyond, thanks to his commitment to Kumon.

Already having an understanding of numbers and sequencing, Rohit started his Kumon journey, aged four, learning basic addition and subtraction. Through daily practice of these key operations as well as multiplication and division, he improved in accuracy and mental agility before moving on to master fractions and algebra. He's now working on advanced functions and graphs, which are covered in school in the Scottish Higher syllabus in S5 - Rohit is currently only in P7! 

Studying with Kumon has given Rohit the self-learning ability, and accompanying confidence which comes from being able to work independently, to excel in so many of his academic subjects.

He said: “Kumon has helped me in school as my maths is much easier. I never have the feeling where I am stuck or can’t do the question. Because of this my teacher has moved me onto higher and harder topics. In other subjects that involve maths, I can work out the answer/solution to the problem with speed and accuracy that I have developed because of Kumon.”

Rohit has had the opportunity to explore advanced topics and challenge himself which has consequently encouraged him to think about his long-term goals; “when I am older, I probably want to do something related to maths; therefore, the skills I have learnt in Kumon will help me”, he said.

And completing his Kumon worksheets everyday has instilled in Rohit an excellent study habit which his mum Sonali is sure will help him when he goes to secondary school where he’ll have to manage a larger workload.

Instructor Ella at the Livingston study centre, has been a great support to Rohit, who declared: “My instructor, Ella is very kind and motivational. Over the years she has supported me even if I have not done well in a week and encouraged me when I have struggled at some levels. I like how Ella gives me a set of pages more than once so that I can practise and perfect the topic before moving on to the next.”

Sonali added: “Ella is always available at the end of an email or phone and provides feedback to parents on a regular basis. This keeps parents involved in their child’s study and progress.”

We’re convinced Rohit will continue applying an explementary work ethic to all his studies, not just his Kumon, and that he’ll reap the rewards this brings.

Well done Rohit!