Kumon has developed nine-year-old Eniola's love of learning

Nov 2016
Kumon Harborne student Eniola
"I am really proud of what I have achieved so far."

Nine-year-old Eniola has been studying at the Kumon Harborne Study Centre for almost six years.

Fola, Eniola's mum, enrolled her at her local centre along with her sister, wishing to prepare them both for mainstream education. She wanted their academic career's to get off on the right foot and for them to feel confident and excited about learning new things.

Having joined the centre aged three, the initial focus was on developing Eniola's pencil control and basic study skills in order to set her up with strong foundations for future study.

Eniola gradually moved through the maths and English programmes at a pace which was right for her, developing her understanding of each key concept as well as honing important study skills such as concentration, stamina, perseverance, and the ability to work independently.

Eniola said: "I found Kumon hard at first, but as I got older it made more and more sense to me, and I began to appreciate how Kumon was helping me. I have now developed nearly all my maths skills and all my English skills.

"I am really proud of what I have achieved so far."

Eniola is currently studying work two years ahead of her school level in maths, and three years ahead of her school level in English.

She added: "What I enjoy about Kumon is that it makes me more passionate and enthusiastic about learning, and it helps me get good grades at school."

Eniola wants to be an Aeronautical Engineer when she's older and is sure the skills and knowledge she has gained at Kumon will help her get there.

Fola shared her thoughts with us as well, she said: "Kumon has encouraged Eniola to self-study and take greater responsibility for her work. Because of the daily study element, her knowledge is maintained, even over extended breaks from school, and she is always learning and improving. She has greater confidence and self-esteem.

"Eniola is one of the top students in her class and we are hoping, with the continued support of her Kumon study, she will go on to do well in her 11+ exam."

Harmeet Kaur, Eniola's Instructor at the study centre, is continually impressed by Eniola's hard work and positive attitude.

She said: "Eniola has shown an extremely high level of commitment during her time at the centre. Her independent learning skills are very strong and she is able to complete advanced work with a high level of confidence.

"Eniola is currently developing her analytical thinking skills and continues to impress me with her can-do attitude. I am very proud of Eniola; her work ethic and motivation to study is outstanding and I believe that this will take her very far in life."

Keep up the excellent work Eniola!