Kumon study nurtures West Kirby student's passion for maths

Mar 2017
West Kirby student shares her success
Kumon has helped me to become more confident in maths at school, and I have received very good marks in my exams, particularly my Year 6 SATs.

Emily started studying at the Kumon West Kirby Study Centre aged five; now 11 years old, she's about to complete level J of the maths programme, demonstrating her mastery of irrational numbers, factorisation, quadratic equations, and inequalities.

Having achieved a number of impressive milestones throughout her Kumon journey Emily is a shining example to her fellow Kumon classmates, so was a natural choice to speak at the centre's latest awards ceremony.

Emily spoke with fantastic self-assurance, when sharing her Kumon experience, she said: "Kumon has helped me to become more confident in maths at school, and I have received very good marks in my exams, particularly when I did my Year 6 SATs.

"It has opened up other opportunities for me: I participated in the National Young Mathematician's competition and am included in the North West Gifted and Talented programme. These opportunities have further developed my knowledge as well as improved my social skills.

"Because the worksheets I am given are based on my capability, Kumon has encouraged me to work independently; I know that I am capable of doing the work on my own so don't have to call upon others for assistance.

"Kumon has made me better organised as I have had to get used to a routine and balancing my Kumon worksheets with my school work.

"My problem solving skills have improved over the years; I am able to look at the method of solving a maths problem and use the same knowledge and understanding to solve another problem.

"Kumon study helped my preparation for my 11 plus exams, not only in maths but also through analysis of the different types of questions involved - I went on to achieve my target mark with confidence!

"I also use the skills I have learnt from Kumon when studying Spanish and French at school - I adapt the spelling rules and apply them when I am learning new words which too follow the same format, making spelling and grammar easier.

"I am aiming to complete the maths programme and hope the knowledge, skills and discipline I have gained over the years will help me achieve whatever I want to be in the future."

Emily's Instructor, Lisa Burgess, is extremely proud of how much Emily has achieved, she said: "Emily is a great example of what you can achieve if you work hard, listen to advice and follow your dreams. She has not only developed exceptional academic skills, but she has grown in character. I have seen Emily flourish into a confident, independent learner who relishes a challenge and always gives 100 %.

"I am delighted to hear that Emily's maths study has also given her the skills she needs to be successful in all her subjects at school. Emily may be unsure of what she would like to do when she finishes school, but I can guarantee whatever she decides, she will not give up until she is successful in achieving her ambition."

The greatest advocates for the Kumon programmes are our students themselves, who each day are reaping the rewards of their hard work and commitment to the programmes.

Keep up the excellent work Emily!