Leeds student completes the maths programme before 10th birthday

Mar 2019
Rithwik completes the Kumon Maths Programme

Last month, we shared the incredible achievements of nine-year-old Rithwik, who’s goal was to complete the Kumon Maths Programme before his 10th birthday. We are pleased to announce that Rithwik has reached his goal, and is now one of only a few students to complete the Kumon Maths Programme by the time they're nine years old.

After joining the Leeds, Headingley study centre at the age of four, Rithwik swiftly progressed throughout the maths programme; developing the confidence and ability to take on challenging work, and is now comfortably working on GCSE level maths at just nine years old.

His family and Kumon Instructor, Gurpreet Narang, are incredibly proud of him. Gurpreet says, “Rithwik has been a constant source of wonder for me. How did he, over the course of just 6 years, start from simple number bonds and move on to differential equations, and complete the programme? The answer lies in his resilience, his persistence, his self-motivation and the support of his family. Rithwik is a wonderful student and we all wish him the very best. He has been a role model for so many students at our centre and we will all miss him.”

This is a fantastic and very well-deserved achievement!  

Well done Rithwik! We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours.