Liana’s confidence soars as she masters mathematics

Apr 2019

Before joining Kumon, 15-year-old Liana found maths difficult and was falling behind at school. She worried about her studies and needed a lot of support and reassurance.

 “I was not confident in my abilities, and my overall maths skills were quite poor. I was always asking for extra help from teachers, and I was in set three for maths.”

Liana’s mother, Debalina was aware of Liana’s lack of confidence in the subject and decided to enrol her onto the Kumon Maths Programme after receiving positive recommendations. Since joining Kumon, Debalina has seen a difference in her daughter’s skills set; “Liana’s concentration has improved, and she is more disciplined with her studies.”

Liana adds, “My basic maths skills have improved immensely – I can now solve maths problems faster and more accurately. My understanding of different concepts has improved greatly.”

Daily Kumon study has helped Liana to confidently take on challenging work at school, particularly completing non-calculator exams. Liana says, “I am able to think more logically and can easily do mental maths.” Outside of school, Kumon has provided Liana with essential life skills such as self-discipline, confidence and increased concentration. Debalina adds “I have seen a difference in all aspects of her life. The skills she has developed are even helping her with her role as a volunteer with St. John’s ambulance.”

After witnessing her daughter’s progress, her motivation, discipline and confidence, Debalina believes that the Kumon Maths Programme has been “life-changing”. She firmly believes in the Kumon Method and looks forward to seeing Liana’s future progress.

Since Liana joined the Urmston study centre in June 2015, Instructor Sharon Carlin has seen a drastic development in Liana’s maths ability, confidence and self-motivation.

Sharon says: “Liana is an inspirational role model for other students. Since joining Kumon, she has shown such determination and hard work, and she always wants to improve, even now when the work is progressively harder. I always tell her that Kumon must work around her school work. She is so well organised and takes ownership of her own learning.

I am so proud of her achievements and have seen a transformation in her confidence. Liana is now in the top set in maths at school and has been chosen to represent the school in maths challenges. She has also volunteered at the centre as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. Her mum, Debalina, has been loyal and dedicated in supporting her children’s Kumon studies.”

Commenting about her career ambitions, Liana says; “I am not quite sure yet, but I am thinking of something along the lines of either finance or medicine. I am sure that Kumon will help me achieve the grades I need in order to study these subject areas, and the study skills I have gained will help me to grasp new concepts quickly.”

A great example of how Kumon can help to transform children’s abilities. Well done Liana!