Ponteland student has gone from strength to strength on the Kumon Maths Programme

Feb 2016
Ponteland student William
"It gives me so much confidence."

William enrolled on the maths programme at the Kumon Ponteland Study Centre in July 2012, aged nine. His parents wanted him to have some additional support to improve his mathematical skills, specifically arithmetic.

From his starting point developing basic addition and subtraction, William is now studying algebra and quadratic equations, topics way beyond his school year.

William said: "When I started out at Kumon I was alright at maths but not in the top sets. I was confident but I found some things difficult and was determined to be better.

"I started Kumon at the end Year 4 just before we went on our summer holidays. It was quite strange completing my Kumon worksheets whilst sitting outside our caravan in the middle of France."

By the time William was in Year 6 he had moved up to the very top set in maths and has remained there ever since.

When asked what he enjoys most about studying the maths programme, William described the feeling he gets in maths lessons when the class covers a topic which he has already learnt in Kumon: "It gives me (and the other Kumon students) so much confidence and we are always first to finish the work. Kumon also helps me with other subjects, particularly science, because the skills you learn in maths you also use in science subjects."

Last year William was named as runner-up for the centre's Student of the Year 2015, a great achievement recognising the hard work and commitment he has shown to his Kumon study. He was extremely surprised and proud to receive this accolade, but felt his developed confidence and advanced learning ability were already reward enough.

William hopes to study medicine or biology in the future and knows that the skills and knowledge he has learnt at Kumon will help him get there. The independence he has gained through self-learning and having to think through problems for himself will certainly be of great use when entering further education.

When we told William there are millions of Kumon students around the world, studying the same worksheets as him, he wasn't surprised as he understands its benefits. He said: "The improvement in my maths ability has just been amazing. It's cool knowing that there are other children in the world doing exactly the same study sheets as me."

We wish William every success as he continues on his Kumon journey.