Sarafina is on her way to sixth form with amazing GCSE results

After receiving their GCSE results last month, Kumon students across the UK are continuing to share their success stories. Sarafina, who completed both Kumon’s maths and English programmes at the Milton Keynes Giffard Park study centre is now looking forward to her new life in sixth form college and dreaming of a career in medicine.

Sarafina says, “I was so thrilled to receive grade 9 results in both maths and English language and I’m convinced Kumon has played a big part in my success. Through learning both the content and completing the booklets, my understanding of subjects has broadened, and my independent study skills have really benefitted.

Kumon didn’t just help me with my academic understanding, but just as importantly it helped me to develop great time management skills and self-discipline, which I needed for my study and revision at home.

Also, thanks to the English programme, I now have a far deeper and more critical understanding of texts and writers, which was crucial for my English exam as we had to adopt an analytical outlook on literary works.

I am so thankful for the help received from Kumon Gifford Park and my Instructor, Anjana Ganguly as I know it has made all the difference."

By following a mastery and fluency approach whereby students are given all the practice they need before moving onto new topics, Kumon is suited to developing students’ key study skills and core academic knowledge, so they can perform to their full potential in school exams and beyond.

A huge well done to Sarafina for all her hard work and achievements.


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