Student "written off" 16 years ago is awarded First-class honours degree in Mathematics

Aug 2018
"The ability to study independently really comes into its own at university."

At the age of five, Abbie received negative feedback from her school teachers, who all believed that she would struggle to excel academically. Her mother, Jackie, who is also the Kumon Instructor at the Cleethorpes study centre says, “the school entry tests indicated that Abbie would always struggle and won’t even be able to achieve average SATs scores. In her year group of 43 pupils, Abbie was in the bottom eight. I was told that it wouldn’t matter if I’d pay for tuition because I’d be wasting my money.” However, since Abbie joined Kumon in 2003, she has thrived throughout her school years, receiving an A* in GCSE maths and breaking her school’s record after achieving an A* in A-level maths. Now at 21, she celebrates her outstanding First-class honours degree in Mathematics from Russell Group, York University.

In 2003, Abbie joined the Kumon Maths Programme. Noticing significant improvements after just six months, her mother enrolled her onto the English programme. Kumon exceeded Jackie’s expectations as Abbie swiftly progressed and eventually worked above school-grade level; “my expectations were that she would catch up, but I was amazed that she did more than catch up, she excelled and became more confident. She was able to achieve at her own pace.”

According to Abbie, Kumon builds a solid learning foundation; “Kumon engrains the basics into your head for life. Many mathematicians at degree level lose marks over basics.” The study skills she developed at Kumon assisted her throughout her academic career. She believes that the Kumon Method of Learning has shaped her into the independent learner that she is today which was crucial at university; “the ability to study independently really comes into its own at university.”  

Jackie believes Kumon worksheets encourage students to get into the habit of practicing, a crucial aspect that she suggests is missing in textbooks. She affirms that Abbie’s commitment to daily Kumon study encouraged her to practice and eventually master GCSE and A-level past papers. It also helped Abbie develop a “good work ethic. At university, there’s such a culture shock of needing to be independent, motivated and driven, that’s where Kumon comes into its own. Abbie would plan her revision and time her breaks. She knew that concentration and determination would stand her in good stead when she took her exams. That’s what she grasped from studying Kumon.”

Abbie credits both her mother and her former Kumon Instructor, Sarah Prior, who motivated her throughout her Kumon experience. As a parent, Jackie knows first-hand the benefits Kumon has on children of all abilities. This is why she continues to help children discover their full potential. She says, “as a parent myself, I cannot promote anything that I don’t believe in.” She also encourages parents to take full advantage of Kumon by being active in the process, “If you support and encourage your child to do Kumon every day, you’ll see amazing results.” Abbie says, “my mum ensured we did our work every day and work was marked every day. She made sure we were very much committed to the programme to see its full benefits.” Today, Abbie is certainly reaping the benefits of Kumon.

We are very proud of Abbie and wish her every success as she pursues a career as a Statistician.