Successful siblings set to continue studying over the summer

Jul 2018
Anna and Andrew are both working above school grade level.

Nine-year-old Anna enrolled onto the Kumon Maths Programme at the Kumon Frimley study centre in 2016. After seeing how Kumon had improved Anna’s mental maths and confidence in her school studies, mum Eki decided to enrol her younger son, Andrew, age five onto the Kumon Maths and English Programme.

Both children are now thriving from their Kumon studies. Anna has improved in her mental maths and problem-solving technique. At Kumon, Anna is currently studying fractions – work that is supporting her with her school studies. As a result she is now placed in the top of her class in maths which has boosted her confidence and ability to work independently.

Eki believes “Kumon is helping with the work being taught at school" which means she is grasping new concepts/methods quicker and can apply this to other subject areas in school.

Andrew has developed the ability to work independently and learn from his own mistakes. His handwriting and spelling ability has improved and he takes pride in doing his Kumon on a daily basis.

The Instructor, Anjana says “Andrew was always a bright little boy who needed a little push in the right direction. Initially he was placed on the early learner table with more one to one support to help improve his concentration and focus in class. We were also developing his number sequences and formation of numbers. He instantly adapted to the Kumon programmes and was keen to study daily.

Eki is very supportive and continues to praise and encourage her children at home for their hard work. We all make a good team. Andrew has come so far since January 2018 and is working on adding in three’s. He has also moved on to the ‘skills table’, where students work more independently. He is ready to take on the new academic year as he will continue to attend the study centre during the summer holidays.”

Here are what the children have to say about how they feel Kumon has helped them at school.

Nine-year-old Anna, said: “I started Kumon almost two years ago and I am very happy with the progress I have made in school, particularly with my mathematics. I was always scared when it came to maths but now I am very confident and everyone in my class is amazed at how quick I am with solving mental maths problems!"

Five-year-old Andrew, said: “Kumon has put me ahead of my class. My teachers at school are impressed with my reading and writing skills. I am now adding big numbers and really enjoying it!"

Well done to Anna and Andrew!