Trio of brothers excelling at school thanks to Kumon study

May 2018
"The brothers have learnt so much since joining Kumon, yet none of this could have been accomplished without their amazing attitudes and dedication."

The Kumon programmes are worksheet-based study programmes, designed to pursue the potential of each child. Central to the Kumon Method is the principle of giving students the confidence and courage to confront new challenges and chase their own goals; one Kumon family who have been doing just this are the Ahmadis’, made up of brothers Javid, Haris and Elias.

Elder siblings Javid and Haris began their Kumon journey in 2012. Just as their 4 million global Kumon peers did, the boys initially started the programmes at a comfortable level, with a focus on building a strong foundation in the way they studied. Over time they developed invaluable study skills such as concentration, pace and rhythm, before beginning to confidently tackle topics they not have previously studied.

Their ever-increasing confidence in maths and English, along with always being ahead of their school peers, prompted parents Wahida and Hamed to enrol their youngest son Elias into Kumon in 2015. And for the last three years he’s been experiencing the same benefits as his brothers and doing really well in school.

It has been the hard work and commitment of all the brothers to Kumon which has helped them to realise their true potential.

Haris said: "Kumon has helped me with my maths and English and has also increased my confidence. I am now quite high in my class. In future I will be more confident at secondary school as we have learnt lots of stuff already at Kumon".

Eldest brother Javid was happy to add that "ever since I came to Kumon, I have improved a lot in maths and English as I was not the best in my lessons before that, but now I am doing really good in my lessons at school. I am more confident to take on challenges like learning new topics in class".

Their Instructor at the Hounslow Central study centre, Saira, is very proud of the brothers’ success, she said: "Kumon is a unique method of learning, helping children gain skills that will stay with them their entire life. The skills learnt at Kumon, mean that a child is not only getting ready for day to day activities and maths and English tests in school but also gaining the competence to do anything presented to them. The brothers have learnt so much since joining Kumon, yet none of this could have been accomplished without their amazing attitudes and dedication.”

We wish Javid, Haris and Elias well as they continue their Kumon journeys, knowing if they continue with their fantastic work ethics they’ll all have very bright futures ahead of them!