'What Kumon means to me' - testimonials from our students

May 2018
Competition winner Mathew, aged ten.

Students from our Hanham study centre shared, ‘What Kumon means to me’, for the opportunity to attend the Outstanding Student Awards to be held at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, as well as to receive a guided tour.

Their Kumon Instructor, Nikki Warr, was so impressed by their written skill and warmed by their genuine enjoyment and appreciation of the programmes that she shared some of the students’ entries with us, and we’re delighted to share them with you!

Student 1
“With the help from Kumon I have been able to achieve way above what I expected in maths. My mental maths has improved considerably, and at times my teachers do not believe I have worked a sum out in my head.

Kumon has enabled me to gain confidence in maths which in turn has enabled me to gain confidence in my other subjects too. I can do it! I have got into a routine every morning of doing Kumon just after getting up, even before breakfast. I have started to develop a love of maths and want to do more. Without Kumon I wouldn’t be the person I am now and a better person in the future.”

Student 2
“For me, Kumon has helped with maths in several ways. It has given me a good foundation in mental arithmetic which helps me at school. In Kumon I have noticed that I need a lot of concentration and perseverance or I won’t reach anywhere. I also need a growth mindset.

When I started Kumon as a young boy I had lots of help but as I became older I became more independent. When I was younger I got so stuck in maths at school and was weak at English, but as I grew with Kumon, I improved.”

Student 3
“At first Kumon was quite boring for me, but now I know that it will help me in the future. Doing Kumon is hard, but I have to carry on to make life easier for me in later years. I practice my Kumon work every day at home and that has made a big difference for me at school. I can do work that other people cannot do in school because of Kumon English and Maths.”

Student 4
“Kumon develops our potential in learning and encourages me to be more independent. It helps me to be resilient and to keep trying when I don’t understand things at first. Being in Kumon has built my confidence and improved my self-learning giving me strong foundations in life. Kumon has given me the tools to have a love of learning new things and try my best. Kumon has helped me by giving me knowledge at a young age to help me in the future for my school studies.

Thanks to Kumon I’m one step ahead. Kumon gives focus, success and motivation. Kumon doesn’t limit people on their age or school year. The repetition involved helps us to do the work faster and more accuratey with fewer mistakes each time.”                                              
Some wonderfully written responses from our students and congratulations to the well-deserving winner Mathew; we hope you enjoy your day out next month!