Chichester Study Centre

Patricia Dack

The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7LG

About this centre

Established in 1997, the thriving centre provides the Kumon Maths and English Programmes.

Close to St Richards, Central and Kingsham primary schools, and near to Chichester boys' and girls' schools, children also come to this study centre from Emsworth, Bognor, Selsey, The Witterings and nearby villages. The centre welcomes children of all ages and abilities, whether they require further support to succeed academically or are seeking an additional challenge so they can fulfil their potential.

Children attend the centre once or twice a week, with some students having studied at the centre for seven to eight years, so there is always a wide range of ages at the centre.

As well as the Instructor, there are class assistants who have a firm understanding of the Kumon Method of Learning and help support students to become confident, independent learners.

The unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised, advanced study.

Kumon should not be considered a traditional tuition provider as, rather than ‘teaching’ students, we encourage them to become independent learners who feel confident in their own abilities and able to face unfamiliar work.

Hi there! My name is Patricia Dack and I have been the Kumon Chichester Study Centre Instructor since 2010.

I joined Kumon as a senior class assistant when my eldest daughter was attending Kumon to improve her maths ability and increase her confidence. She started Kumon at age six. After seeing how Kumon could change a child’s attitude to a subject they previously disliked or struggled with, I decided to train as an Instructor.

Being a Kumon parent, I can offer advice based on my own experience of the study programme. It has been really rewarding to enable so many children to progress and achieve where they previously may not have. The change which occurs in a child as their confidence grows and they begin to understand is really good to witness.

At my weekly classes, I always look forward to hearing about students’ exam results and how they have progressed at school. It is satisfying to hear that pupils have moved up a set, won a special prize or are just enjoying their learning for the first time. Through meeting each child regularly at class, I get to know them. This helps me to individualise their daily Kumon study plan to produce the best results for each student.

Centre Hours

Monday 3.45pm - 5.45pm
Tuesday Non class day
Wednesday 3.45pm - 5.45pm
Thursday Non class day
Friday Non class day
Saturday Non class day
Sunday Non class day
How long does a class take?
The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is completely down to each individual and the level of the programme they are currently at.


One-off fee
Registration Fee £35
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one-off registration fee to register them as a student
Per month
Per Subject £60

Your child will attend the Kumon study centre for up to two days a week

Five other sets of work completed at home each week
Parking available (Free)
Close to train
Close to bus
Independent reading area
Disabled access available
Family waiting area

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