Correspondence Courses

Marie Gibb

Correspondence Courses

Having been a Kumon Instructor for many years, I appreciate the opportunity to reach students of all ages and abilities around the world, who wish to study by Correspondence.

As with all study centres, I am able to offer an individualised programme of learning, which is designed to develop strong study skills and concentration, sound subject knowledge and a positive attitude to study.

Students work at a pace to suit their personal needs, and are encouraged and motivated by a system of positive feedback and rewards.

The unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised, advanced study. Kumon’s long-term focus develops self-assurance and self-learning skills, which are transferred to all areas of school and life, allowing students to truly reach their full potential.

Combining traditional principles such as mental mathematics, spelling and repetition, with a fun and positive approach to learning, Kumon continues to be the most successful after-school programme in the world. The Kumon programmes are studied by millions of children worldwide and are wholeheartedly recommended by past and current parents and students, both in the UK and overseas. I am proud to be a part of this unique organisation.

My teaching career is something I thoroughly enjoyed. Retirement did not suit me, as I missed the joy of being a part of the education process and so I started to look around in order to find an alternative to the classroom system.

Searching the internet led me to the sight of Kumon, and from there I never looked back. With Kumon I can provide just what each child needs in the two most important areas of the school curriculum. In this way they learn at their individual pace, with their daily work at just the right level and in a very appropriate quantity. In achieving this I am rewarded with confident, happy students who go on to excel in all areas of their life, through their improved study skills, motivation and concentration. In addition to this, by providing study by Correspondence, I can work with children from all over the world.

Kumon not only changes the lives of my students, it also allows me to do what I enjoy, which is encouraging each and every child to reach their full potential and aim to be the best they can be.

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