St Andrews Study Centre

Christine Proudfoot

Cosmos Community Centre, Abbey Walk, St Andews, Fife, KY16 9LB

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Welcome to the St Andrews Study Centre, established in 2014.

The long-term Kumon Maths and English Programmes are suitable for all ages and abilities and, working at their own pace, enable all students to achieve. Progression through the levels is tailored to suit individual needs and begins with a free assessment to set an individualised starting point and lay a solid foundation for learning.

Committed daily study of an appropriate amount of work boosts the confidence and self-esteem of students, as well as helping them to develop good study habits and independence. Your child will strive towards studying above the international standard for their age, enabling them to realise their potential both at school and beyond.

A time-slotting system has been set up for classes, which students may attend up to twice a week. In class, there is an area for new and younger students, where they are observed and encouraged to develop the study skills to allow them to work independently.

Similar to other tuition providers the Kumon programmes focus on essential academic skills, but we go one step further by developing a child’s independent study skills, needed for school, university, employment and other aspects of adult life.

Hello. I’m Christine, the Instructor at the Kumon St Andrews Study Centre.

On completion of my teacher training, I took the opportunity to work as an English Language Assistant in Mannheim, Germany, for a year. I spent a further ten years in Germany working with Kindergarten – Grade six students in American Department of Defense elementary schools. After returning to the UK, I taught children from year 1 to year 7for over 20 years before deciding to become a Kumon Instructor.

I believe that the Kumon Maths and English Programmes are well-structured, as each concept builds on the previous one, thus providing the solid foundation needed for academic success.

I believe that among the many benefits of studying each day are developing memory skills, reinforcing prior learning and the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

I’ve always enjoyed working with children and over the years have had many opportunities to see them grow and develop.

I realised then that, as a Kumon Instructor, I could make a difference to more children; treating each student as an individual, tailoring work to suit each student and helping them to achieve their potential.

Centre Hours

Monday Non class day
Tuesday 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Wednesday Non class day
Thursday 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Friday Non class day
Saturday 9.15am - 11.15am
Sunday Non class day
How long does a class take?
The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is completely down to each individual and the level of the programme they are currently at.


One off fee
Registration Fee £35
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one off registration fee to register them as a student
Per month
Per Subject £60

Your child will attend the Kumon study centre for up to two days a week

Five other sets of work completed at home each week
Parking available (Free)
Close to bus
Early learners section
Family waiting area

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