FAQs: Becoming a Kumon franchisee

To be a Kumon Instructor you need to be passionate about education and developing children, and also have an appetite to run and grow your own business. You should be educated to degree level with good maths and English skills, with full rights to run and own a business in the country and a full driving licence.

You need a good grasp of English and maths up to GCSE level.

When buying a start-up franchise, you will be required to invest a minimum of £3,000. This includes £400 for your initial licence fee, with £2,600 earmarked for marketing during the first 12 months (15 months if taking over an existing centre). In addition, you will need to make provision for rent and other running costs bearing in mind cashflow. In the case of franchise re-sales, a fee is paid to the outgoing Instructor for taking over their business.

If successful following your one-day Orientation Meeting, you will be invited to meet with your local regional manager to discuss and put together your business plan and the vision for your study centre. Before opening you will be trained in the Kumon Method of Learning for our maths and English programmes over 11 days at one of our flagship study centres. After opening you will continue to take part in regular ongoing training alongside other Instructors to deepen your knowledge of the Kumon Method of Learning.

From initial enquiry, Instructors generally take between three to six months to get up and running. These timelines vary depending on location and whether it is a new or existing Kumon study centre.

This is dependent on your ability to grow your business and on how scalable your venue is. However, if you were running an established study centre with a student base of between 100-300 students, you could expect to earn from around £30,000pa to £100,000pa, after royalties and operating costs.

Kumon offers a proven business model, and by becoming a Kumon franchisee you are establishing a relationship with a successful global company established for 60 years, now operating in 50 countries worldwide. Kumon has over 4 million students worldwide.

You will be able to use our unique Kumon study programmes and benefit from our extensive training and support. Kumon's existing brand awareness will help you to build a thriving student base and gain return on investment.

As a franchisee you get to run your own business, with guidance from your dedicated Area Manager, and use the unique Kumon Method of Learning. The Kumon programmes are designed for students to work independently, with guidance from their Instructor. As the Instructor, your understanding of the programme is vital to the success of your students and you will therefore receive extensive training to gain an in-depth knowledge of the programme materials and how to use them to help your students excel.

Becoming a Kumon Instructor is a full-time business commitment.

We are interested in people who are passionate about education and developing children, who want to run their own business, become a Kumon Instructor and are proficient in maths and English. Full training is provided by Kumon. All applicants should be educated to degree level or equivalent, have a full driving licence and have the right to work in the United Kingdom. Every potential Instructor will sit a proficiency test in both maths and English.

No. Our Instructors come from a variety of different backgrounds; from business and finance to education and law. Many Instructors are Kumon parents who have seen how effective the programme has been with their own children and have decided to join our growing network to help other children reach their potential.

Yes. As part of the application process you will be required to have all necessary child safeguarding checks. This will take place prior to initial training with Kumon.

A Kumon study centre must be suitable for children, of adequate size and condition, and comply with all health and safety legislation. Increasingly our Instructors are using dedicated or retail space as this offers high brand visibility, accessibility and enhanced instruction potential and enables them to grow their student base in an efficient and scalable manner.

Yes. A number of existing Kumon centres become available for purchase each year. Local centre opportunities can be viewed here. You can also call our franchise team on 0800 854 714 for more information on existing and future opportunities.

A study centre opens for class typically two to six days per week; outside of class, your time must be flexible to the needs of your business. As your business grows you may need to extend your class times and add extra days at the centre.

The first six months can be demanding as you are learning about the programmes and also recruiting your students and staff, so you will need to be prepared and highly organised.

Each child, no matter their age or ability, is a prospective Kumon student. We have identified areas of expansion based on market research and potential interest. We’d love to talk to you about existing or future opportunities, so do get in touch with our franchise team on 0800 854 714.

As a Kumon franchisee you will receive advice and information from your Area Manager and the Kumon Brand Marketing Team on marketing and promoting your business. Instructors are able to use our standard brand and promotional materials as well as having access to a design team that can help with customised marketing materials. Although marketing activity is up to each individual Instructor to implement, we are here to advise and help. You will benefit from our national marketing, the Kumon website, your own study centre web page, advice on social media and our call centre to refer new enquiries to you.

A Franchise Recruitment Manager will provide introductions to existing Instructors and organise a centre visit for you, thereby avoiding disruption to classes. You will also complete part of your initial training in one of our flagship study centres to enable you to get hands on experience of a study centre environment before you open your own centre.

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