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From its conception, the Kumon Method was devised as a daily, home study programme.

Our founder, Toru Kumon, was a father creating daily maths worksheets for his son to study independently at home. With practice, his son’s maths ability naturally began to improve and so did his confidence. He encouraged his son to work out the answers by himself, based on his existing knowledge and his own reasoning. Because the worksheets were individualised to his level, and because he retained the information from his recent practice, he was able to progress smoothly and quickly to concepts far beyond what he experienced at school.

Kumon is created for the home study environment, combined with individualised work and careful Instructor observation. Your Instructor will provide all study materials, ongoing feedback, regular assessment tests and guidance about how you can support your child’s study. Students have regular contact with their Instructor, who develops each student’s independent study skills and academic ability, at the Kumon centre or during online class and by setting the appropriate work.

The aim of the Kumon programmes, is as it always has been: to develop the student's potential to the maximum by instilling in them the attitude and skills necessary for them to learn by themselves.

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