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2018's student A-level success

Aug 2018
This year's A-level students have been awarded the highest proportion of As and A*s since 2012

Congratulations to the many current and previous Kumon students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who have been celebrating with their families after receiving their hard-earned and eagerly awaited A-level results on Thursday 16 August. Even with recent changes to the exams designed to make them more challenging, this year’s A-level students have been awarded the highest proportion of As and A*s since 2012.

In total, 26.4 per cent of students have been awarded either an A or A*, which is the second year in a row that the A-A* pass rate has risen. Also, for the second year running male students scored more A* and A grades than their female classmates, which has reversed a long trend of female students outperforming males since 2000.

This year’s cohort were only the second to sit tough new courses set out for 13 core subjects including computing, English and sciences.

Unlike in previous years, where candidates have been assessed on coursework and exams spread out through the academic year, this year’s students in England have been graded solely on their exam performance at the very end of their two-year courses. This has meant that not only are students required to develop strong time management and study skills but also demonstrate a ‘deep learning’ of their chosen subject so as to perform well in the final exam. In the case of Wales and Northern Ireland, a mix of old-style and new exams were taken this year with the new style exams being gradually phased in.

Jon, a Kumon student at the Epsom study centre for ten years, this morning nervously logged onto his account to find that he had achieved four A* in maths, further maths, chemistry and the highest score in his year for A-level computing. After being a Kumon student for so long, Jon is convinced of the positive effect it has had on his achievements:

“Kumon has helped me immensely for both my GCSEs and A-Levels, especially when it came to the optional levels in the Kumon Maths Programme. It has made it easier for me to apply my knowledge when these topics were introduced at school and was a major help when it came to the core and further maths modules.

Without the skills that I have gained from doing Kumon, I would not have achieved the high grades that I have and earn a place at the university of my choice. I am very grateful I had this opportunity and would really like to pass on my thanks to all the team at the centre.”

By following a mastery and fluency approach whereby students are given all the practice they need before moving onto new topics, Kumon is suited to developing students’ key study skills and core academic knowledge, so they can perform to their full potential in school exams and beyond.

A huge well done to all students and their families for all of their hard work and achievements, from the Kumon team.