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Nurturing independent learners around the world with Kumon

Jun 2024

The Kumon Method has been developed and perfected over almost 70 years. Starting out as a father creating worksheets for his son, Kumon has grown into the world's largest supplementary education provider, with over 3 million children studying our maths and English programmes across 60 countries. Every minute of every day, there is a child in the world benefiting from Kumon Study.

In this time, across all these countries, the essence of Kumon has remained the same: helping achieve a child's true potential by developing their ability to the maximum.

Whether a child is studying with Kumon in Japan, South Africa or here in the UK, they are following the same, well-established learning method, and studying the same learning materials with the guidance of a highly-trained Kumon Instructor, either with a pencil and paper or digitally through KUMON CONNECT!

The learning method
Kumon's unique learning method allows each student to study at a level that is best-suited to their own academic ability, regardless of age or school year, without being constrained by their school year. Each child has an individualised programme tailored to them and providing this level of 'just right' study means students can develop their knowledge and understanding at a comfortable pace before going on to realise and achieve their true potential.

We aim for our maths and English students to reach an international approximation of their school level - the Kumon International Standard - within their first year of study. By supporting students to reach and surpass this international standard, they are developing the independent learning skills and ability in maths and English to successfully compete in an increasingly global community.

The learning materials
The learning materials made by our founder Toru Kumon for his son, Takeshi, have now become worksheets that promote self-learning and are used by Kumon students around the world.

Kumon worksheets are laid out in very small steps, enabling each student to advance smoothly from easy to difficult problems and, ultimately, to the study of advanced material beyond what they are learning in school.

The Instructor
Kumon Instructors discover what their students are capable of and work to bring out the potential in each of them. They are experts in the Kumon Method of Learning, able to deliver high-quality instruction to help any child succeed. They are passionate educators who thrive off their students' successes.

The Kumon worksheets are designed to allow students to advance by self-learning, extrapolating from examples and their own knowledge. If a students encounter problems they are unable to solve on their own, Kumon Instructors will, rather than spoon-feeding students problem-solving methods, focus on guiding them to complete the exercises on their own so they can enjoy a sense of achievement and master new material independently.

Together with people all around the world, Kumon aspires to help children grow. We look forward to offering the Kumon Method to even more children and helping them to develop their abilities and realise their full potential.

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