What are the best online educational games for learning English?

16 February, 2012

English games online for children

Using computer technology as a learning platform has been shown to enhance children’s educational development.

Computer suites are a firm fixture in most modern schools and laptops are regularly used to deliver computer-based intervention programmes in the classroom for children who are new to English or have special educational needs.

Programmes such as Wordshark are used to develop basic competency in the use of the English language and the BBC’s primary website has a number of spelling and literacy games that can be used to enhance a child’s grasp of English.

The following sites have a range of free online literacy games for children in key stage one and key stage two.

Using computer technology as a learning platform has been shown to enhance children’s educational development.  Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust, supports this view;

‘Our research suggests a strong correlation between kids using technology and wider patterns of reading and writing. Engagement with online technology drives their enthusiasm for writing short stories, letters, song lyrics or diaries.’

Fundamental to any pupil’s English skills is a solid grasp of phonics, the group of component sounds that make up a word. Former teacher, Head teacher and Ofsted Inspector Pie Corbett argues that the proper teaching of phonics ‘liberates writing’ and games at sites such as phonicsplay.co.uk give children the opportunity to understand how to segment and blend the sounds in a word.

In addition to the wide range of free online games that help children develop their English skills; there are a number of apps, some with a fee, available for smartphones and tablets. Apps such as Miss Spell’s class or Storykit can help to fully engage children as they develop their English language skills. The blog at Creative education, the largest independent provider of training courses for school staff in the UK, offers a list of the 20 Great iPad Apps for primary literacy.

Teachers and other educational professionals can also be a great source of advice when looking for the right pc games to help your child.