Five travelling games to make your journey more fun

Mar 2015
Keeping your family entertained for the duration of the journey, can be somewhat tricky.
Keeping your family entertained for the duration of the journey can be somewhat tricky.

As the school break is approaching, if not already here, many of you may be preparing for a trip away. With the excitement of any holiday comes the prospect of a journey; whether you are travelling by car, airplane, train or boat, keeping your family entertained for the duration of the journey, can be somewhat tricky.

Here are a few suggestions for activities to make the journey fun:

Sticker books
Ask your child to create their ideal fun day out with the use of stickers. Encourage your child to let their imagination run wild as they have a picnic with a tiger or ride a water-slide with a giant snail. See if they can create a few different scenes and have the stickers tell a story.

Finger puppets
Everyone loves a good story, so why not put on a pocket-sized performance using finger puppets? Encourage your child to participate, perhaps suggesting the direction the story could go in, or ask your child to give you more information about the characters � what are their names? What are they? Where have they come from? Are they happy or sad?

These are great for all modes of transport! Download your child's favourite story to your mp3 player or pop a CD in the car stereo. Whilst you might find constant repeats of Pepper Pig tiresome, your child will enjoy hearing the stories again and again.

Set the scene by introducing some characters and a place they are in or a journey they are about to embark upon. After a few sentences pass the story on to another family member and let them continue. Keep doing this for as long as attentions are held and you will have created an interesting, if somewhat unusual, tale.

Try to get to 100 by going around the car saying the next number in sequence. Every time you reach a number which is divisible by seven (seven, 14, 21) or has seven in it (17, 27, etc), you shout 'Buzz!' Every mistake takes the game back to number one.