Fun number games to keep children engaged this half term

Students across the country are on half term, or will be next week, and whilst it is important for youngsters to relax during this time, it is important they keep their minds stimulated too.

Regular activity encourages a child's mind to grow and develop, so understandably, any time away from regular study can threaten their steady learning progress; most likely they will lose some of their previous learning and will have to spend time recapping it upon their return to school.

Through reading they will be able to stay abreast with their literacy skills, but keeping their numeracy skills sharp over the break can be trickier.

To help you with this we've considered a few fun and easy ways you can incorporate some maths into your children's half term.

Guess my number
The numerical version of "I spy with my little eye", in "Guess my number" one player thinks of a number and the other player or players have to guess which one it is by asking mathematical questions such as: "Is it greater than? Is it an odd number? If I multiply it by X is the answer X? Is it a decimal number? Can it be divided by X?"

The questions can be as simple or as complicated as you like, and should perhaps get progressively harder as you go on.

This game requires having an advanced level of maths and will encourage strategic thinking skills. Considering the different tactics to make the most of their money will help improve their maths and critical thinking abilities. Monopoly will further provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Add maths to ordinary games
Consider Snakes and Ladders, you could use the board with two dice and on each turn the player has the option of multiplying, dividing, adding or subtracting the two numbers, with a maximum answer of 20. This adds another layer to the game for players can make larger moves but can also take steps backwards, so there'll really be no telling who's on course to take the win!

At Kumon we believe one of the key aspects to achieving success is through daily practice; each day our students incrementally build upon the knowledge and learning gained from the previous day, which enables them to gradually progress to more advanced work.

Our maths and English study centres are open throughout the year, including during school holidays, ensuring students are better prepared for success when they return to school. In maintaining a regular study habit either through Kumon study or through your own activities as a family, you are teaching your children the value of a little bit of work every day and how this is the greatest way to achieve success.

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