Get started with Kumon this summer term and save with our Free Registration offer

May 2024

The Kumon Free Registration offer this May and June is the perfect time for families to explore the benefits of Kumon – the maths and English study programmes that deliver proven academic results!

The Kumon Method of Learning is designed to help any child, of any ability, realise their potential and become an enthusiastic learner. Through daily worksheet study and Instructor guidance, your child will work at the 'just-right' level to develop their ability and fluency in small, manageable steps. They start at a comfortable level, allowing them to build confidence, concentration and pace, before progressing on to higher level work. Your child will also build on strong learning foundations such as problem solving, working independently and self-correction, which are great transferrable skills that will help them achieve across all subjects at school and their future careers.

This limited time Free Registration offer allows your child to benefit from the Kumon Method while you save money – making this the perfect time to begin boosting your child’s learning.

Book an initial assessment meeting with a local participating Kumon study centre to get your child started. Your Instructor will set your child a short maths and/or English test, designed to establish their current ability and identify topics that require further development. This will enable the Instructor to tailor the programme materials to your child’s specific needs to boost their current abilities, allowing them to progress ahead of their academic peers.

At selected centres, you can choose KUMON CONNECT, where your child will receive and submit their assigned study projects for the week directly on your own device. Instead of paper worksheets and pencil they use a tablet and stylus! Instructors can then look out for their homework submissions throughout the week, mark their work and provide feedback quickly and directly in between their weekly classes.

Kumon study aims to help every child develop a love for learning. To discover your child’s potential with the Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes, contact your local participating study centre and book your free assessment today! The Free Registration offer is available until 30 June 2024 at participating study centres.