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Getting ready for the new school year

Aug 2021
Through preparation and communication, you can help get your child into the right frame of mind to begin a productive and prosperous school year!

The summer holidays have been a great time for children to relax and have fun, however with September on the horizon, it means the start of the new school year is fast approaching. Whether your child is returning to school or starting for the very first time, here are a few tips to help prepare them for the classroom.

School shopping
If you haven't yet purchased your child's school equipment, make this experience fun and exciting by doing it together. Knowing they have all their equipment and kit ready will help them feel comforted and well-prepared for, and during, their first week back.

School work
Boost your child's confidence before the new school year by encouraging them to look over their previous work. This recap will not only get their minds back into a regular learning habit, but will provide useful foundations to get their new learning off to a great start. You could even get involved by turning this revision into a fun memory game.

The syllabus for most GCSE and A level subject courses is available to read online, offering older students a useful opportunity to become familiar with their course content before they begin studying it. This will help older students know what they can expect, and what they'll be working towards over the course of the year. To continue with their preparations, you can set goals with your child on what they would like to achieve within their first school term, and beyond. Write down and display these goals within your home, making them bold and colourful so they'll be reinforced.

For even younger students who are starting school after this first term, you could plan ahead and prepare them for this big transition by introducing some routine and regular learning to their days, through Kumon study. Kumon's fun, colourful worksheets support younger students as they develop their pencil control and motor skills, as well as their knowledge of letters and numbers in advance of their first steps into primary school.

School routine
Preparation is key. Reintroducing your child's usual weekday bed time will encourage their sleeping pattern to return to normal ahead of their first day back. This is important to ensure they'll be refreshed and alert, ready to absorb new learning straight away. For younger children, why not begin to adjust their eating times at home so they co-ordinate with their eating times at school. This will help your child to not feel hungry at different times of the day and settle into a regular routine.

If your child's school has extracurricular activities, consider where their interests and hobbies lie, and talk together about possible activities and clubs they'd like to join this year. These activities are fun and will help to develop their skills and abilities outside of the classroom.

Your child may be feeling a little nervous as the new school year approaches, so try to reassure them and get them feeling positive. Find out what your child is looking forward to on their first day of school or in the new school year. Remind them that they can always speak to you about their thoughts and feelings, and ask their teacher for help.

Through preparation and communication, you can help get your child into the right frame of mind to begin a productive and prosperous school year!