Grace follows in the family footsteps to excel at Kumon

20 February, 2015

"Kumon is a worthwhile and brilliant programme that I would like to promote to anyone and everyone."

Kumon is a worthwhile and brilliant programme that I would like to promote to anyone and everyone.”

13-year-old Grace Stansall-Seiler followed in her older sister Florence’s footsteps when she enrolled at the Kumon Stevenage North Study Centre in January 2009.

Five years later and not only was Grace recently awarded for completing the Kumon English Programme, but she is coming on leaps and bounds in the maths programme too and has even become a Kumon class assistant.

Grace’s dad, Christian, said: “We enrolled Grace at Kumon as her older sister Florence had started Kumon a few years earlier, primarily to help with her maths during primary school. The early positive results in her case had prompted us to do the same for Grace.

“We liked Kumon’s use of repetition of work, embedding the knowledge more firmly, and the recording of worksheet completion times, as a measure of familiarity with, and understanding of, the subject matter. We also liked that the programme is tailored to the ability of each individual child.

“Key outcomes that we have noticed are confidence, speed of work completion, drive to do well and general organisational skills/discipline. As a result, Grace had no problems keeping up with her school work and to be in the higher level groups in school, despite being the youngest in the year. In English, Grace can comprehend a piece of text much better and is able to express herself more eloquently in writing, with respect to her vocabulary, descriptive words and grammar. She also has broader general knowledge as a result of the different stories featured in the Kumon worksheets over the years. In maths, her algebra is very strong and she has the foundational knowledge, confidence and determination to do well, with maths consistently one of her favourite subjects.

“The Instructor at the Kumon Stevenage North Study Centre, Colette Allin, has always been really positive and encouraging and both children felt very at home in her centre. Grace was never moved on too quickly to the next level, only when she was confident enough with the material and achieved good grades in the test. We think that the discipline and knowledge learnt through Kumon will also serve Grace well for her GCSEs and other future studies, including hopefully university.”

Grace said: “Kumon has helped me in so many ways, through my general understanding, my academic achievements and my use of extended and intellectual language. Although I experienced some ups and downs, Kumon has been a delightful experience which will stay with me forever. My next step is completing the full maths programme so my journey has not quite ended!

“Kumon has brought out characteristics in me which I may have not found. It has made me determined, patient and independent. Kumon is a worthwhile and brilliant programme that I would like to promote to anyone and everyone. Therefore, as a way of doing this I have started working at Kumon as a class assistant so I can help children on their academic paths.”