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How Kumon can help you have the fulfilling career you've always wanted

Jan 2024

If you’re interested in pursuing a career that is both socially and financially rewarding, Kumon, the world’s largest supplementary education provider, offers the opportunity to enter the world of education by training to become a Kumon Instructor and running your own study centre in your local area.

With expert training throughout your career, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on your students' lives, Kumon is an excellent choice for the career you've always wanted.

Dr Ivy Man, who worked as a Physiotherapist for 20 years, set up her own Kumon centre in Southampton, Shirley in November 2016. She says, “I’ve always wanted a profession where I can make a difference. As a Physiotherapist, my core aim was to help people achieve the best health they could. Kumon’s aim is very similar: helping each child reach his or her potential. If you’re stuck with any aspect of running the business, you can always ask for help – I have an Area Manager who I can turn to for guidance, and the training you receive is rewarding.”

Chow Chan, who worked as a Police Constable for 15 years took over the Kumon Worcester, East Study Centre in August 2015. She says, “I can organise my hours better, and I have more of a social life. I have really enjoyed it and haven’t looked back once. You hear a lot about education and I’m glad I’m making a difference. When students shine, the satisfaction is great.”

Helene Anderson has been a Kumon Instructor at the Chingford study centre for nearly 20 years. Helene states, “Previously, I’d developed educational science websites and been an award-winning journalist in my native New Zealand. But in 2004 I was struggling to balance this job with the demands of three young daughters. The opportunity to take over the Kumon centre in Chingford became an answer to my prayers. Suddenly I was able to drop my children to school before starting work, I could rearrange my schedule to attend class assemblies and parents’ evenings and take them to their after-school activities. I even became a parent governor."

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