How Kumon helped 14-year-old Samuel get a top mark in his maths GCSE

How Kumon helped 14-year-old Samuel get a top mark in his maths GCSE

“Kumon cleared the cloud over my head and made maths seem so easy!”

Here are the words of proud Kumon student Samuel Orisatoki, who passed his GCSE maths with a fantastic A*, 18 months early.

“Hello! I’m Samuel and I’m 14-years-old. I started the Kumon Maths Programme at the Abbeywood Centre in 2009, as I was just about to take the leap from primary to secondary education.

At first I found Kumon really easy and I thought ‘I could get used to this! Easy work, short time spans and no corrections!’, but as I progressed quickly up the levels I realised that wasn’t the case; the worksheets became longer and I had to concentrate even more.

At the time I didn’t know Kumon was preparing me to take my GCSE examinations 18 months early.

My school saw the potential in me and I was one of the students chosen to take GCSE maths examinations earlier than the average student. Obviously this was a task that brought a great challenge. At first I thought missing out some Kumon worksheets would give me more time to revise for my exam but it only made it worse.

I started falling behind in lessons and I drifted away from answering questions as I was afraid that I would get the answer wrong. The top grade seemed like a distance away from my horizons and my teacher ended up predicting me a grade B six months before my exam.

This was the time when I thought I should focus on Kumon again and it helped me a lot to be more confident, especially in algebra, simultaneous equations, inequalities and quadratic equations. I was answering questions more often and I got them right! Kumon cleared the cloud over my head and maths seemed so easy; it was like writing the alphabet.

Now I have an A* to my name in maths and I’m doing my AS maths exams in May 2013. All of this wouldn’t have happened without Kumon. Kumon really does help and I’m a living testimony.”