How your oldest child can act as a learning mentor for younger siblings

For parents, every child that comes along is just as loved and as special as the others, but it's fair to say that the first-born can be treated a little differently.

Every experience is new with your first child. From the first words they speak to the first and last days of school. It is no less special for your other children, but at least you have an idea of what to expect.

It never gets any easier to send a child off to school for the first time, or let them have their first sleep-over, but you're not venturing into the unknown in quite the same way as with the first-born.

It's not possible to treat each child in exactly the same way as everyone is unique. But you can set a standard with your first-born, especially when it comes to education.

Younger children will often look up to an older sibling and you can use this to your advantage when it comes to learning. So how can your oldest child act as a learning mentor for younger siblings?

Setting good standards at school
Good standards at school should of course be encouraged in all your children. But by explaining to your oldest child that they have the responsibility of setting a good example to their siblings, they might be encouraged to try that bit harder.

Remember to reward your oldest child for good work at school, such as doing well in an exam or getting a good school report. When your younger children see their older brother or sister getting rewarded, they'll want to try harder.

Many young children want to be like their older siblings, so encourage them to sit down and all do their homework together.

If the younger children see their older sibling working quietly, they'll want to join in with them and do the same thing.

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