Kumon gives Omar confidence in maths

18 March, 2015

"Before doing Kumon I wasn’t very good at maths, so I’d sit in class and keep my head down."

“Before doing Kumon I wasn’t very good at maths, so I’d sit in class and keep my head down.”

17-year-old Omar Aslam recently completed the Kumon Maths Programme after starting at the Coventry East Study Centre at the age of seven. Although his time as a Kumon maths student has come to an end, Omar is helping other students by working as a class assistant at the centre. He will also shortly be embarking on a maths degree, having received offers at all the universities he applied to.

Omar told us how Kumon helped him go from struggling with maths to feeling confident in the subject, and how the abilities he has gained through Kumon have helped him.

Omar says: “Since starting the Kumon Maths Programme my abilities have increased substantially. When I started, 2+2 was a struggle so since then I’ve come a long way! Kumon helped me at school by first of all increasing my confidence; before doing Kumon I wasn’t very good at maths, so I’d sit in class and keep my head down and I wasn’t very confident with anything, but since doing Kumon I feel a lot more confident. It’s also helped with my maths ability; having covered something in Kumon before we cover it in school is a huge advantage because I’m ahead of everyone else.

“Kumon has helped me outside of school too in so many ways; the best thing about it is it helps with so many other skills as well as just maths and English. I’m capable of learning independently; much better than I was before. So, if I have any problems or there is something that I’m struggling with I find it easier to learn it quickly. It’s definitely increased my confidence in all aspects of attacking new things as well.

“When I’m older I want to be an accountant – it appeals to me quite a bit. Kumon will help me become an accountant because obviously it’s enhanced my maths skills so that’s a big bonus. Also, as mentioned before, the independent learning is a big part of it. If I come across anything I find difficult I am able to figure it out myself and don’t have to rely on anyone.

“Being an assistant at the centre has meant I can help students because I know what they’re going through and what they are feeling. I can empathise with them and I can see exactly what they’re thinking.

“I’d like to thank my Instructor Mala Patel for all the effort and guidance that she puts into all her students. I think that’s brilliant and I’m really grateful for it.”