New Kumon Instructor reveals her motivation for running her own Kumon centre

24 March, 2014

New Kumon Instructor reveals her motivation for running her own Kumon centre

Sanna and her team have been busy promoting the centre in the local community

Sanna Butt’s time as the new Instructor at the Kumon Stratford Study Centre has been full-on and fast-paced since she took over in January 2014, but she has taken time out to share with us her enthusiasm and passion for her new business.

Prior to becoming a Kumon Instructor, Sanna worked as a teacher in a local primary school and was responsible for children that had English as an additional language and for making international links with other schools around the world. She wanted to challenge herself by setting up her own business and saw Kumon as the perfect opportunity for this, having had the opportunity to work in a centre previously, which sparked her interest.

Reflecting on her decision to become an Instructor, Sanna said: “I chose to become an Instructor as I believe learning is an ongoing part of life and so wanted to develop myself further by becoming a Kumon Instructor. I have a passion for teaching and wanted to support children through the Kumon Method.

“I strongly believe that an individual’s approach and attitude has a huge impact on learning and this is something that Kumon focuses on. I believe that every child has the potential to achieve wonderful things and that age or year group should not be a barrier; this is something that Kumon facilitates brilliantly and I wanted to be a part of. I want to bring out the best in every child and help them to achieve their potential.

“The support has been phenomenal! Right from the start, my Regional Manager was able to provide me with excellent support and my Area Manager is brilliant at guiding me every step of the way. I am really grateful for all the support I have received and cannot imaging running my centre without it. Thank you so much!”

Sharing her joy at being an Instructor and looking to the future, Sanna said: “The most amazing part of being a Kumon Instructor is being able to see the smiles on children’s faces when they have mastered a concept and are progressing. I love motivating children, encouraging them to take responsibility for their learning and boosting their confidence.

“I would love for my centre to expand, be very successful and provide a high-quality service to all the families in the community.”

We look forward to keeping up with Sanna’s progression in her new centre, and we are sure her passion for Kumon and for learning will be infectious to all students who attend.