School's back for autumn!

Aug 2015

The new school year is looming; up and down the country school uniforms, pencil cases, books and even hair-cuts, are being purchased in preparation.

Your children are probably as equally nervous and excited about being reunited with their peers and starting in a different class, with different teachers and timetables; meanwhile, you are probably feeling just as anxious about what the new year will bring; will your child have fallen behind during the summer break? Will they be put into classes with their friends? Will they like their new teachers and subjects? And even, will they be able to get up on time for the first day back?

Here are a few top tips to make the return to the classroom that much easier.

Sleep easy
Try to ease back into the bedtime/early morning routine a few days ahead of the first day back. One of the hardest routines to recover is your sleep routine so, to avoid an exhausting first few days back at school, try to reintroduce your school bedtimes and wake late sleepers increasingly early to readjust them slowly.

Table your times
It's not just teachers and students whose days are run by a strict timetable. Along with a new term at school, or even a new school, comes a host of new after-school clubs, sports clubs, and social events, which can seem near impossible to keep track of initially. However, why not encourage your child to take responsibility for their own time by asking them to keep a calendar of their activities and keeping it somewhere prominent in the house? This will make it easier for you to keep track of their movements, and for them to take ownership of managing their time.

Be prepared
Make sure the school bag, school uniform, shoes and coats are ready two days before the first day of term. This way you'll know if you need to make any last minute purchases, or if there is something which needs replacing. It will also mean everything is laid out and ready ahead of the first early morning so there is less of a chance of panic.

Leave early
There are few things worse than the panic of leaving home later than planned and then finding yourself stuck in traffic or that the first bus to arrive is full or that your train is delayed. As most schools return at around the same time, roads are busier, public transport is packed and who knows what chaos the weather could cause! For these reasons and so many more, give yourself a time buffer by leaving early or telling your child to leave early. You can always readjust your schedule on the second week, once things have calmed down a bit.

Plan a family dinner for the evening after the first day. That way you can find out about any new expectations of the school or the teachers, any school trips which are already planned in and ascertain the homework-level to be prepared for over the coming year.

Whatever happens, in a few weeks' time you and your family will be well settled into the routine of the new school year and the trepidation of the first day will be long forgotten.