Six-year-old Bolu excels in maths and English at Kumon Levenshulme Study Centre

2 September, 2014

Six-year-old Bolu excels in maths and English at Kumon Levenshulme Study Centre

“I am very happy with her academic progress, even her teachers in school are amazed at the level of her independence.”

Bolu Olugbade is six years old and in Year 1. She joined the Kumon Levenshulme Study Centre just before her fifth birthday, studying both the maths and English programmes.

Initially, her focus in maths was on reading and writing numbers, counting and number sequencing. Just a year and a half later, she is now confident with column addition and subtraction and has progressed to timestables. She is currently working one year ahead of Kumon’s International Standard.

Bolu takes great enjoyment in her work, saying: “I like moving up levels on maths and I like times 5s the best. My maths helps me at school and my English helps me spell and read.”

Bolu’s Instructor, Sharron Williams, said: “We have been delighted and amazed to watch Bolu’s progress. After spending several months learning how to do column addition and subtraction fluently, Bolu was eager to move onto timestables, something that, aged six, she had not seen before at school or home. She is a great advocate for what Kumon can support students to accomplish and we are so excited about what Bolu will achieve in coming months and years.”

Bolu is also a fluent reader and loves reading. Under mum and Sharron’s guidance, she uses the Kumon Recommended Reading List to help her choose the books she reads at home, whilst within recent worksheets she has been exposed to extracts from ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’, ‘Thumbelina’, and ‘Sam’s Duck’ by Michael Morpurgo.

She is on the Advanced Student Honour Roll level 1 for English, meaning she is working at about six months above the Kumon International Standard (an international approximation of her school grade level).

Bolu’s mum said: “I am very happy with her academic progress since she joined the Kumon programme, even her teachers in school are amazed at the level of her independence when doing her tasks. Kumon is not just academic, but it gives pupils a sense of independence and purpose which will be of great help as they grow up in life. I encourage all parents to give their children the chance to be the best. This is what Kumon offers.”

Kumon’s aim is for each and every child to become an independent, advanced learner, with a positive attitude to study. Bolu is a superb example of this, as she is now working ahead of the level expected for someone of her age. By studying the maths and English programmes, she has gained independent learning skills and self-confidence, working out for herself how to deal with challenges.

Bolu works independently in the study centre and at home, has excellent focus, beautiful number formation and handwriting. She reads instructions carefully and has developed the ability to work for up to an hour daily after school without difficulty.

Great work Bolu!