Students thank Kumon for GCSE exam confidence

3 October, 2012

Students thank Kumon for GCSE exam confidence

Charlotte had already mastered surds four years before she was taught them at school, through the Kumon programme.

Ponteland Kumon Instructor Liz Burrin recently held a conversation with her two eldest children, regarding how they felt Kumon study had benefitted them. Charlotte is in year 11 and Joe is in year 10 at school. They have both been studying the Kumon programmes since 2002.

Charlotte explained that thanks to Kumon she finds maths so easy at school, which makes it more enjoyable. Charlotte is currently studying Unit Two for her maths GCSE and recently enjoyed a lesson in square roots. Kumon nurtures independent learners through advanced study so Charlotte had already come across square roots (surds) within level I of the Kumon Maths Programme, back in September 2008.

When Charlotte first came across square roots within the worksheet, she used the knowledge she had built up from the previous levels, along with the examples on the worksheets and her self-learning skills, to tackle the questions and master the topic. She had already worked through four operations, the basics of algebra and linear equations in the previous levels so she knew she could apply these skills to learn how to calculate square roots.

This meant when she visited the subject at school she felt confident she could answer the questions and completed her school work with a very high level of fluency and accuracy. Charlotte noted how happy this made her and how glad she was to have remained dedicated to her Kumon study.

Joe recalled a similar experience with algebra and factorisation and noticed that his fellow classmates who also attended the Ponteland Centre enjoyed the same confidence boost as they calmly and swiftly completed their school work. Both Joe and Charlotte noted that the algebra, simultaneous equations, square roots (surds) and factorisation that are studied in the Kumon Maths Programme would be invaluable for supporting a student’s GCSE maths work and would enable students to sit their exams with confidence.

Liz’s youngest son Sam is nine-years-old and is also studying the Kumon programmes. Charlotte acknowledged that Sam sometimes moans when it comes to completing his daily worksheets after school. After having such a confidence boost at school that day she said to her Mum: “If he only realised how he’s going to feel in maths when he’s in Year 10 and 11. I wish he would, because then he’d never moan again!”