Kumon success stories

At Kumon we nurture confident, independent learners who experience success both in and out of the classroom. This section of our website is dedicated to recognising and celebrating children’s achievements through hard work, determination and perseverance. We also celebrate our Instructors who dedicate their lives to discovering the true potential of their students.

13-year-old has been excelling at school since joining Kumon three-and-a-half years years ago. She’s tackling work beyond her classmates with speed and accuracy.

Former student reflects on the ten years she spent studying with Kumon, revealing how it helped foster the great work ethic she has today.

Michelle’s parents enrolled her at Kumon for extra support in reading and writing; over the subsequent years she has made great progress and developed into a confident young learner.

Eight-year-old Zac’s confidence abounds thanks to his continuing commitment to the Kumon Maths Programme.

Since 2010, the Kumon Streatham Study Centre has been working with local children to develop their maths and English abilities, improve their study skills and foster a life-long love of learning,

In August 2017, after many years spent teaching in schools across England and Scotland, Linsey Kemp’s career took a new direction – she set up her very own Kumon Maths and English Study Centre.

We love hearing about the successes of our former Kumon students; Rhian and Jay have shared with us how Kumon study was invaluable to their chosen career paths.

For the last 12 months, the Ham Dingle Primary School in Stourbridge, Dudley has been working in partnership with the Kumon Stourbridge Study Centre to develop the potential of their Pupil Premium children.

Watch this short film, where Headteacher Jacqui Grace shares their experience working together with Kumon, and in particular, the amazing progress of nine-year-old Deakan.

Learn how one primary school in Stourbridge worked in partnership with their local Kumon study centre, to the benefit of their Pupil Premium students.

Nathan enrolled on the Kumon Maths Programme less than a year ago and has achieved tremendous progress.