The benefits of a child being organised with their schoolwork

As with any other life skill, there are numerous benefits to being organised. Children carrying out their schoolwork in a systematic way will be better able to keep track of their educational activities. This should help them become more efficient and, as a result, ensure that they do not waste valuable time that could otherwise be spent maximising each learning opportunity.

Below are some of the key advantages of children organising their school workload.

Establishing a routine
If children are able to organise their time at home so they have dedicated slots for homework and leisure time, they will need less cajoling from parents to make a start on their work.

Developing independence
If children are able to manage schoolwork commitments and meet deadlines, this will give them a growing sense of independence that should translate into other areas of their life.

Time management
Organising their work, both in and out of school, will help children to develop time management skills such as learning how to prioritise tasks and deciding on the duration of each activity.

Aiming high
Children who have organised their school work will have invested more time and energy into their projects. An increase in effort may lead to an increase in the levels they achieve in a variety of school subjects.

Accessing the right work
Organising school work into computer/ring binder files will mean that children can access the resources as they need them. As many schools now promote cross-curricular learning, children may want to draw on the work they did from a previous history project to link to an upcoming geography project.


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