Urmston student Snighda builds the confidence to tackle advanced work

16 July, 2015

“I love Kumon because when I learn a new concept it makes me feel very happy.

“I love Kumon because when I learn a new concept it makes me feel very happy.”

Eight-year-old Snighda Pilli joined the Kumon Urmston Study Centre when she was in reception. She has gone from asking for help before attempting a question, because she lacked confidence, to having the skills and understanding to tackle new things on her own.

Snighda said: “I love Kumon because when I learn a new concept it makes me feel very happy. We haven’t started long multiplication and long division in school and I know that when we do it, I’ll be very confident. Kumon has helped me improve my mental maths skills and comprehension. Overall, I have become a very confident person.”

Instructor Sharon said: “I am so proud of Snighda’s achievements. She amazes me with her attitude, motivation and always tries her best. She has improved her mental maths skills and her understanding of comprehension, writing, punctuation and spelling.

“Snighda also enjoys reading a wide genre of texts and is always getting books out of the library at the end of class! I have noticed that Snigdha also works at a much faster, more accurate pace than others of her age.

“Snighda’s mum Swapna is so supportive to Snighda and to me. She marks and times her work every day and this has been a contributing factor to her daughter’s success.”

Snighda started studying the Kumon Maths Programme in March 2012, and is now working at an advanced level, currently approximately one-and-a-half-years above her peers in maths. She later enrolled on the English programme in March 2015 and is already nearly at Kumon International Standard (an international approximation of school grade level) which means she is nearly six months ahead of her peers in English.

Swapna said: “We were so pleased with our eldest daughter’s success that we joined Snigdha too. She started with basic work of joining dots and numbers and slowly progressed onto writing numbers, addition, subtraction then multiplication and division. She is currently doing fractions.

“I’m so happy to see her progress; Kumon has not only given her the confidence to tackle maths problems in school, but it has also taught her discipline and given her a daily routine. The repetition in the work consolidates the learning. So far, her journey has been wonderful.

“Her Instructor, Sharon, is a lovely and passionate Instructor, whose motto is to make every child believe in themselves. She helps them to achieve their best.”