Why setting New Year's resolutions could be good for you and your family

Jan 2015
Why not set a challenge as a family and work towards it together?

At the beginning of January many of us go through the same thought processes, perhaps not explicitly setting New Year's resolutions, but vowing to be better, to exercise more, to eat less, to save money, to learn something new, the list goes on.

Whatever it may be, at this time we can't help but reflect upon the past year and the year ahead and think about what we might like to achieve or what we might like to be different this time next year.

There are a great many benefits to setting a challenge and seeing it through to the end and demonstrating this focus, determination, and ultimately success to your children, can shape the way they set themselves challenges too.

This year, why not set a challenge as a family and work towards it together. Perhaps set the goal of a holiday or a family day out or dinner in a favourite restaurant if you achieve the task in the next six months.

Perhaps your family goal could be to become healthier, collectively. You could, for instance, work with your children to set weekly menus, taking into account required food groups and recommended intake of sugar and salt. In this way they can be involved in the manifestation of the goal whilst learning about food in the process.

Or you could challenge the family to a certain number of hours of exercise per week; this could be at their school or clubs or by taking up a collective sport such as tennis. But remember, you should be involved too.

Then by tracking these activities or meals week by week you can award points towards the target.

Whatever you decide you target will be, setting a collective goal such as this is a great way of working together towards an aim and receiving a collective reward. It also shows your children that you are prepared to work as hard as they are for the challenge which has been set.

Demonstrating your willingness to persevere and follow through on a commitment will help to develop the same attitude in your children. So make 2015 the year you all set and stick to your resolutions!