Study centres in Oxford

There are many Kumon study centres in the Oxford area. Kumon's study programmes are individualised and tailored to suit the needs of your child. Through the daily study of maths and English your child can begin to realise their potential.

We believe children have unlimited potential and their learning should not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others. We develop children’s independent learning skills, rather than teaching them in the conventional sense.

We want to encourage a love of learning and develop a confidence and ability to tackle new challenges for themselves.

Kumon’s daily study programmes place important emphasis on good study skills such as rhythm, pace, prolonged concentration and working with good posture. This positive attitude to study will benefit each child throughout their life.

Kumon students learn to correct their own mistakes, increasing their confidence in solving problems as well as giving them a real sense of accomplishment.

We believe that there is no cap or limit to what a person can learn. Through focused and frequent study we nurture your child’s ability, enabling them to progress beyond the international standard for their age.

Your child will benefit from studying the Kumon worksheets at home every day, as well as visiting their local Kumon centre up to twice per week. While at the centre - listed below -  their Instructor will observe their progress, their ability to self-correct and how they tackle their work, as well as monitor and nurture their growing maths and English proficiency.

They will provide feedback and guidance based on their observations and ensure your child is on the right track to realising their potential.

Your Instructor will work with your child to set medium-term and long-term goals. Their aim is ultimately to entrust your child with full responsibility for their own learning.

Kumon is a long term study programme where children work at their own pace, enabling them to develop self-confidence and learning skills that will last a lifetime.

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Map Marker 1Oxford, Botley
Choose Centre Louise Mohajeri
Map Marker 2Oxford, Summertown
Choose Centre Anne Upton
Map Marker 3Oxford, Headington
Choose Centre Christine Magona
Map Marker 4Kidlington
Choose Centre Jenny Waller
Map Marker 5Abingdon
Choose Centre Caroline Thetford
Map Marker 6Witney
Choose Centre Mehdi Mohajeri
Map Marker 7Didcot
Choose Centre Viresh Patel
Map Marker 8Bicester
Choose Centre Louise Mohajeri
Map Marker 9Thame
Choose Centre Susan Jones
Map Marker 10Wallingford
Choose Centre Lindsay Calver