I'm still passionate about being a Kumon Instructor after 20 years

Mar 2019
I'm still passionate about being a Kumon Instructor after 20 years

In 2018, Sarah Nutchey celebrated her 20th anniversary as a Kumon Instructor. Before opening the Bradley Stoke centre in 1998, Sarah was a full time maths teacher, and after seven years, she was keen to find a career that was both flexible and fulfilling, and one that was guaranteed to make a significant impact in her local community. Now, two decades in, she says, “I’m still as enthusiastic and passionate as I was 20 years ago! I enjoy pretty much everything about being a Kumon Instructor. I know I’m in a better place than I would’ve been if I had stayed in teaching all these years.”

Not only has she built a strong relationship with the people in her community, but also the establishments within it. It is no surprise that her list of accomplishments continues to grow each year.

Sarah shares details of her Kumon journey; describing what it means to be an Instructor, what she has learned over the years, and the changes she has noticed in people’s acceptance and attitudes towards supplementary education.

“To be an Instructor, you need to be self-motivated, be independent, and spend time really understanding what Kumon is all about; the training and development is continuous and always fascinating – I am constantly learning! I think my understanding of independent learning has completely transformed. I’m still working on developing this in my students, but my intention is much clearer and focussed now. Over the years, I have also developed a better understanding of what is required of me as the owner of my own business. Like any small business, being a Kumon Instructor means I have many roles; business owner, HR and finance manager, marketeer, child protection authority, health and safety executive, public relations officer, and many more. I have pretty much developed on the job, with support from Kumon and getting help when needed with things like bookkeeping and payroll. 

I feel privileged to have a career that has a positive impact on the personal and academic success of children. In the early days, my competitors were GCSE and A-level tutors. These days, nearly everyone I meet is familiar with supplementary education and needs very little explanation about what Kumon is. The growth in the supplementary education market has really grown in recent years. Kumon has so much more to offer students than any other supplementary education organisation in terms of the depth of knowledge it provides

Being an Instructor enables me to have a fulfilling career whilst maintaining a good life balance.”

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